CampaignChain Update

The update feature is a package that is included in CampaignChain by default and can also be used independently from CampaignChain as a regular Symfony bundle.

The update package offers you the ability to include update routines in multiple separate CampaignChain modules or Symfony bundles. Essentially, it extends the DoctrineMigrationsBundle.



The ``campaignchain/update` Composer package is included in any CampaignChain distribution by default. It will be installed automatically.


First, install the package with

$ composer require campaignchain/update "dev-master"

If everything worked, the update package can now be found at vendor/campaignchain/update.

Finally, be sure to enable the bundle in AppKernel.php by including the following:

// app/AppKernel.php
public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        new CampaignChain\UpdateBundle\CampaignChainUpdateBundle(),


You can configure the default package name and the target directories for the schema and update files in your config.yml. The examples below are the default values:

    diff_package: campaignchain/core
        schema_dir: /Resources/update/schema
        data_dir: /Resources/update/data


Learn how to use the update package in the tutorial on creating update routines.


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