CampaignChain Google Analytics

This documentation covers the standard Google Analytics functionality available by default in the CampaignChain Community Edition.


  • Connect a Google Analytics account to CampaignChain with username and password
  • Pull data from Google Analytics to relate the Website traffic during a campaign statistics of other Channels (e.g. likes of all Facebook posts).


The standard Google Analytics functionality is being provided by CampaignChain, Inc. through these packages:

Although these modules are based on Symfony bundles, they do not work independently of CampaignChain.


The above modules are included in the Community Edition by default.


Before you can use Google Analytics data within CampaignChain, an OAuth app must be created in Google:

  1. Go to and create a new project if you did not do so yet.
  2. Go to, search for these APIs and enable them: Analytics API, Google+ API
  3. Go to, click on Create credentials and select OAuth client ID.
  4. On the next page, select Web application.
  5. Under Authorized JavaScript origins, enter the domain of your CampaignChain installation, e.g.
  6. Provide this URL as an Authorized redirect URI: Make sure that you specify the correct scheme (http or https).
  7. The Callback URL’s parts must be identical with the and router.request_context.scheme parameters defined in the app/config/parameters.yml configuration file.
  8. Once you have created the app, connect to a Location choosing Google Analytics as the Channel.
  9. When the Provide Application Credentials screen comes up, go back to, select your app and copy and paste the Client ID and the Client Secret and insert it in the Provide Application Credentials form.


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