CampaignChain SlideShare

This documentation covers the standard SlideShare functionality available by default in the CampaignChain Community Edition.


  • Connect a SlideShare account to CampaignChain with username and password
  • Assign a SlideShare slide deck to a campaign
  • Schedule to make an already uploaded and private slide deck publicly available on SlideShare at a given date and time
  • Within CampaignChain, assign a responsible person to a slide deck
  • Once a slide deck was made public, regularly collect statistical data about Views, Favorites, Downloads, Comments


The standard SlideShare functionality is being provided by CampaignChain, Inc. through these packages:

Although these modules are based on Symfony bundles, they do not work independently of CampaignChain.


The above modules are included in the Community Edition by default.


Before you can post on SlideShare from within CampaignChain, an OAuth app must be created in SlideShare:

  1. Apply for an API key at
  2. Fill out any required fields such as the application name and description.
  3. Once you received the API key via email, connect to a Location choosing SlideShare as the Channel.
  4. When the Provide Application Credentials screen comes up, insert the API key in the Provide Application Credentials form.


If a SlideShare user was newly created with a Linkedin account, then please follow this workaround to make sure CampaignChain can access the SlideShare REST API: Explicitly set the SlideShare password by changing it from the Linkedin password to a new one at Only then, the new password for SlideShare will allow CampaignChain to access the SlideShare REST API.

Also, when connecting the SlideShare account to CampaignChain, please be aware of the following: The SlideShare username is not the same as the Linkedin username. For Linkedin, the username might be identical with the account’s email, while the SlideShare username can be found in the SlideShare profile URL. For example, amariki in


Please post reports, questions, suggestions, etc. at