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This is the CampaignChain documentation. It provides information to end users, administrators and developers.

What is CampaignChain?

With CampaignChain, marketers can plan, execute, monitor and optimize campaigns in a holistic overview. Programmers can integrate communication channels, tools and devices with our open-source platform.

Today, marketers face an increasing amount of online channels, tools and devices (IoT, beacons). As the opportunities for highly targeted marketing grow, so does fragmentation of workflows. CampaignChain is the only marketing technology that allows for a comprehensive real-time access to all marketing activities.

Our goal is to help everyone make innovative marketing ideas come true.

CampaignChain Community Edition

The CampaignChain Community Edition is available under an Open Source license on GitHub. It is the first open-source platform for marketing integration.

CampaignChain Enterprise Edition

The CampaignChain Enterprise Edition is a commercial product. It is based on the CampaignChain Community Edition and provides additional features, such as easy deployment for development or production environments, as well as automated updates to simplify the maintenance of CampaignChain instances.


Tips & tricks for marketers to make the best use of CampaignChain.


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