Every location allows one or more Activities which can be undertaken. For example, creating a new post is an example of an Activity for a blog Channel.
Campaigns are a series of marketing operations utilizing one or more communication channels. Campaigns have Milestones and Activities.
Campaigns use online channels, which are the pathways by which campaign content reaches its audience. Common examples of Channels include websites, blogs and social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.
Call to Action
Graphical User Interface
A Hook is a reusable component that provide common functionality and can be used across modules to configure Campaigns, Milestones, Channels, Locations, Activities and Operations.
Every Channel includes one or more Locations, which allow granular publishing of campaign content. For example, for a Twitter Channel, the Twitter stream is a Location.
Milestones are key events or reference points during a Campaign. For example, the campaign go-live date could be a Milestone, and a press tour could be a second Milestone.
A module is a pre-packaged set of functionality. In CampaignChain, modules are developed as Symfony bundles, with additional configuration that allows CampaignChain to load them into its system.
Every Activity must always have at least one Operation. For example, posting on Twitter is one Activity which equals the Operation.
Tracking ID
Each Call to Action has a unique Tracking ID assigned by CampaignChain which enables CampaignChain to match a URL clicked in a Channel to a Location specified inside CampaignChain.