Development Environment

CampaignChain, Inc. provides a live development environment which provides readily available online channels to test CampaignChain modules against along with sample data that automatically sets up CampaignChain to be used with the development environment.


The fictitious company featured in the development environment is called Amariki. This word was invented by Emilia, the younger daughter of Sandro Groganz, who initiated the CampaignChain project and is the founder of CampaignChain, Inc.

Yet, no one figured out whether it means anything in one of the languages on earth.

Online Channels

The following online channels have been set up for developers:

To use these channels when developing modules for CampaignChain, you can load ready-made sample data into CampaignChain as described below.

Sample Data

By default, CampaignChain ships with the following sample data packages if installed with the --stability=dev option through Composer.

Learn how to load sample data in CampaignChain.


Please contact to retrieve a credentials.yml file that works out-of-the-box with above data packages and the development environment.

Test Emails

We have test email accounts for above test online channels. For example, as an account email to receive notifications from Twitter or a recipient email to send MailChimp newsletters to.


Please contact to apply for access to the email inbox where we collect all incoming test emails and to retrieve a list of available test emails.